Sparkling Tea - Gyokuro Okabe

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Sparkling Tea - Gyokuro Okabe

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Sparkling Tea - Gyokuro Okabe - Case of 4 bottles

Inspired by the world of sommeliers, Lao’s Sparkling tea is a festive, alcohol-free drink, to be enjoyed without moderation. It recalls the complexity and finesse of sparkling wines.

Sourced from the Gyokuro style, a highly esteemed green tea also called “Precious Dew”, this bottle has a clean effervescence and an opulently textured liquid. Its scent evokes captivating aromas of tropical fruits with a hint of spice. A buttery mouthfeel rises with flavors of peaches, pears and honeydew melon, followed by a finish reminiscent of the bitterness from a peach pit.

Sugar: Dry - 5g/portion (188ml)

Acidity: Present

Serving temperature: 8-10 ˚C

750ml bottle - Store in a cool place.

Ingredients: Filtered water, Pasteurized kombucha culture*, Cane sugar*, Green tea Gyokuro Okabe, Mushroom extract, Carbon dioxide.


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